Authorized Representative of Objective Eye Tracking in Indonesia

STI Indonesia became the Authorized Representative of Objective Eye Tracking for Tobii Eye Trackers equipment. 

Having worked closely with Objective Digital since 2013, STI Indonesia finally signed an agreement to become Objective Eye Tracking Authorized Representative in Indonesia.

Objective Digital is known in Asia-Pacific asone of the leading UsereXperience consultant who worked with large financial institutions, telco’s, retailers, travel companies, government bodies and universitiesto improve the experience of a brand, across every touch point (both online and offline).

Objective Digital used the leading Tobii Eye Tracking equipment to help doing UX research. Tobii Eye Tracking equipment helped UX research to be more precise and objective, that later will help client to make better decision. With the increase of UX awareness in Indonesia, Objective Digital and STI Indonesia agreed to have a partnership in selling Tobii Eye Tracking equipment in Indonesia. This will surely will help strengthening the adoption of UX process and paradigm in Indonesia.