STI Indonesia delivered talk about Indonesia Market Access at iAxil Singapore in December 2013

With the consistent strong growth of Indonesia market in the last 5 years, there are many interest to access the market. The interest not only coming from big MNC but also from tech startups and SMEs who at least like to understand the market. As the hub of Southeast Asia, Singapore is only 1.5 hour flight to Jakarta. But interestingly many entrepreneurs in this country still not yet fully understood on how to access Indonesia market. Due to this STI Indonesia alliance partner in Singapore, iAxil Pte Ltd -  a venture accelerator, conduct a half day market talk about Indonesia Market Access. The talk gathered about 60 to 70s participants who are interested to access the market. The market talk that is delivered by STI Indonesia director, Mr Dicky Tarmizi, lasted for 1 hour then followed by formal Q&A session and networking tea time. Several participants directly followed-up this talk by partnering with STI Indonesia to have POC of their application in Indonesia. This will help them to understand further about Indonesia market opportunities for their products.