STI Indonesia director was selected as one of source for Oxford Business Group Indonesia Report 2014

Oxford Business Group (OBG) is one of the prominent firm that specializes in providing annual market data.  OBG usually write annual country report by doing its own research, interviewing people and asking prominent people to write their latest knowledge about its industry. Has been operating in Indonesia for more than 5 years, OBG has build very strong network with Indonesia government including President Yudhoyono, Vice President Budiono, Finance Minister DR Chatib Basri, Trade Minister Gita Wiryawan and others. In OBG annual Indonesia Report, these prominent will share their views thru interviews or writings. For their Indonesia Report 2014, OBG invited STI Indonesia director, Mr Dicky Tarmizi, as one of the source. The interview was done in December and will be published in March 2014. OBG is very selective in selecting their sources and by interview STI Indonesia it's a proof that OBG recognized STI Indonesia credibility in its field.